You are invited to examine two different series of works by Jamaican artist Richard Nattoo in this exhibition called “Teeth”. In the series called Teeth Grid I and Teeth Grid III, the artist transferred Jung’s philosophy, his questions of existence, his shadows and colors, his awareness and ideology on different works, through ink and watercolor.


“Intersections” has been the first virtual exhibition of Assemblage Art Gallery London. Dearest Artists from all around the World participated with their amazing artworks. And as a result; different technics, different cultures, different traces have been had “intersected” in this International Art Project.Many Thanks to Dear Mike & Madeleine Buelow, Dear Pablo Caviedes, Dear Anna Girolomini, Dear George Graziani, Dear Iclal Erenturk Gucsav, Dear Madan Lal, Dear Paul Laurenzi, Dear Mario Malacrino, Dear Kevin Marion, Dear Richard Nattoo, Dear Mauricio Paz Viola, Dear Belmin Pilevneli, Dear Svitlana Sherstiuk, Dear Mustafa Uzunarslan, Dear George Tuton.